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How does a wooden hanger manufacturer produce a hanger? - LEMONLEE



Hanger structure is actually more unique, so there are a lot of friends are quite interested in hanger production process, so today we will share with you ow does a wooden hanger manufacturer produce a hanger.

1: Cutting wood 

Cutting wood material is very important, craftsman cut wood into the regular shape of the hanger. Choose the good wood hanger shape is the basis of solid wood hanger manufacturers to produce hanger.

2: Curving the shape

Curving the shape is more requests to the skill of craftsman. It is necessary to use the skill  to adjust the shape of the hanger . Every nice shape wooden hanger is made of 100% hands of craftsman.

3: Grinding

Grinding by hands is aim to smooth the shape of the hanger. This is mainly to make the hanger more round and ensure that it does not scratch the clothes.

4: Careful polishing

After grinding, the material still feels rough, the solid wood hanger manufacturer will polish, after polishing many times to make sure the hanger can be used smoothly. 

Most of the solid wood hanger manufacturers will uses these four steps to produce a solid wood hanger, so a full experienced wood hanger manufacturers is more reliable since it mean better quality guarantee.

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