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Material Compare about Clothes hangers



It is very commonly you will find hangers made of metal, plastic and wood, arcylic etc. The price of this kind of clothes hanger such as plastic hanger or metal hanger is relatively cheaper. While maybe you don’t know which wood is more cheaper. Soft material such as lotus wood, maple wood, they are more economic wood but it is easier to get off the hook in the later use process.

Clothes hangers, like oak wood and beech wood hangers, is more better. The oak hanger is white in color, and the beech hanger is relatively red, but the texture is more beautiful. The hangers of both materials are harder . Relatively oak hangers are more unpainted, and beech hangers are varnished. You can choose different shoulder widths and materials according to the clothes and scenes to be hung.

Clothes hangers, colored wooden hangers. The material of this kind of hanger is basically beech wood and lotus wood. This type of hanger has relatively low requirements on the degree of scarring of wood, and most of them are used in clothing stores. The family styles are relatively few, and the paint process requirements are high. A good wooden hanger for clothing with colored paint , It should be used for a long time without losing the paint and discoloration.

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