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The coat hanger in the hotel,



Hotel or clothing store is a place with high demand for hangers, whether plastic hangers or solid wood hangers, or acrylic hangers are a good choice. But for different "segment" of the hotel, the guesthouse, how to choose a more suitable coat hanger?

First of all, you can choose the style and material of the coat hanger in the hotel according to the "segment" of the hotel. If the "segment" of the hotel is not very clear, you can also choose according to your budget, which is a more intuitive way.

For the bronze section of the hotel, guesthouse. The coat hanger can choose affordable plastic hangers, small make up advice even plastic hangers also try to choose shoulder width heavy rain 1.5cm hangers, so as to reduce the phenomenon of general shoulder clothes customers.

For the golden section of the hotel, guesthouse, the coat hanger can choose the basic solid wood hanger or acrylic hanger, so that it can show the hotel to control the details, there will not be too high cost, is a good choice.

And for the king of the budget segment of the hotel, hotel, the hotel hanger has higher requirements, whether the material hanger, workmanship or brand choice, should match with their own segment, so as to more in line with their own image positioning, strengthen the customer cognition of the hotel, the hotel itself.

In fact, whether hotels, guesthouse, clothing stores, furniture, can choose to use the hanger according to the difference between the above section, so that it can control the budget at the same time, bring a better sense of experience, why not?

LEMONLEE has been deeply engaged in the hanger industry since 1996, with 26 years of production experience, and accumulated non-standard working experience in more than 5000 famous brand fashion stores in more than 20 years. We support 1V1 exclusive customization and accurate expression of brand image. If you are interested in the coat hanger in the hotel, please dial the 24-hour service number:+86 15058103659, looking forward to your call!

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