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Luxury wooden hangers can increase the re-purchase rate of stores?



Nowadays, people's living standard has been significantly improved, and the quality of life has also been improved. People will pay more attention to the quality and brand of their daily products when choosing them. For clothing stores, also gradually began to use luxury wooden hangers to replace the original hanger, then what are the advantages of luxury wooden hangers?

First of all, the quality of luxury wooden hangers is better than common one. This is beyond doubt, luxury wooden hangers’ quality control is relatively strict, if the quality is not good, it is difficult to become a popular high-end brand, good quality hanger can also save the cost of hanger replacement in the later period.

Secondly, the style of luxury wooden hangers is more novel, more sense of design. For luxury wooden hangers, a special design team will be invited every quarter to create new and explosive products, so for luxury wooden hangers, a strong sense of design, belonging to the industry fashion vane.

There is also a very important point is that luxury wooden hangers, more in line with the image and temperament of the brand clothing store, can more highlight the style of the brand clothing store, in the process of use can better deepen the customer's awareness of the brand image, so as to enhance the re-purchase rate.

LEMONLEE has been deeply engaged in the hanger industry since 1996, with 26 years of production experience, and accumulated non-standard working experience in more than 5000 famous brand fashion stores in more than 20 years. We support 1V1 exclusive customization and accurate expression of brand image. If you are interested in luxury wooden hangers, please dial 24-hour service telephone: +86 15058103659, looking forward to your call!

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