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Wooden coat hangers, how to choose the right color and size?



There are a lot of differences between different kinds of clothing hangers. There are plastic, metal, solid wood and acrylic materials. The style has wide shoulder, narrow shoulder, flocking, bar, clip. Hooks are round, flat, chrome plated, nickel plated.There is no need to say more about colors. All basic colors can be customized. So how to choose the right color and size for wooden coat hangers.

First of all, according to their own budget and clothing store image positioning, determine the material, style and color of wooden coat hangers, if the budget is sufficient, suggest to choose wooden hanger. Wooden coat hangers material is good, feel good, high level of appearance, at the same time, wood hanger can show the beauty of clothing and to promote the transaction.

For the color of the wooden coat hangers, advised to choose natural, black, brown, vintage, this a few kinds of colors can highlight the simple sense of clothing, at the same time also can better match shops inside the clothes, also can form a unity on the vision and do not break the administrative levels, foil the atmosphere of the shop, also can enhance customer impression of the store.

Another point is that there are many options for customizing the logo of wooden coat hangers, such as engraving, printing, metal convex surface, etc., which also need to be selected according to the brand image of the store. The size is recommended to choose a length of 39-44cm, shoulder width of 3-6cm, for suit hanger shoulder width of 6cm will be more appropriate.

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