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What kind of wood is available in solid wood furniture? Let's have a look.



Anyone who has bought furniture knows that there are many kinds of furniture in terms of material. In the process of pursuing high quality, health and environmental protection, more and more people choose to buy solid wood furniture. Now, what kind of wood do most solid wood furniture in the market have? Let's have a look.

Beech wood. Beech wood is hard, fine in texture, good in gloss and beautiful in wood grain. Beech wood is easy to bend under certain conditions, and can be made into various shapes, but it is not easy to deform after drying. However, beech furniture is heavy, and it takes a lot of effort to move.

Pinewood. Pine furniture is generally processed using water-based paint, which is formaldehyde-free, natural and environmentally friendly, and easy to maintain. The natural wood grain of pine itself is beautiful and generous, which is cheaper than other solid wood furniture. People who like simple and log-style decoration style should not miss it. However, pine furniture is soft and easy to change color and deformation. These conditions also need to be carefully considered when purchasing.

Ash wood. The wood grain of ash wood is smooth, which makes people feel very beautiful, and it will not change much when the weather is dry. Relatively tough, high in strength and good in earthquake resistance. High cost performance in solid wood furniture. However, ash wood is easy to grow insects, and it will become warped and cracked over time.

Rose wood. The wood used in rosewood furniture is generally precious hardwood, with excellent texture, high processing difficulty and fine carving. Rosewood furniture is graceful, solemn and elegant, which can improve a strong cultural heritage to the house and its owner. Because the wood of rosewood is rare and difficult to process, the price is relatively high. Suitable for families with good economic conditions.

Commonly used Furniture wood also includes oak, elm, etc. Different woods have different properties and functions. You can choose wood according to the kind of furniture you want to buy. For example, clothes hangers with different functions that we need every day also have different materials.

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