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What kind of drying rack is good to use with the clothes hangers?



The friends who have renovated the house know that there are too many things to consider in this process, from the selection of materials for the walls of the building to the placement of decorations, all of which must be done in detail. There are many friends are very interested in electric drying racks, but worried that they’re not practical. Today we are talking about that what kind of drying rack is good to use with the clothes hangers?

First, let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of other drying racks, drying racks on the market now generally include fixed drying racks, hand-operated drying racks and electric drying racks, the first two do not need to be electrified. Before the emergence of hand-operated drying racks, we all use fixed drying racks, this drying rack drying clothes is very inconvenient, you need to match the hanging rod to hang clothes,  some girls may need to find a stool to assist in hanging clothes with clothes hangers, it is very troublesome. The hand-operated drying rack makes up for this shortcoming, it can control the height of the drying rack by hand cranking, compared to the fixed racks to save a lot of effort. So how about electric drying racks?

First, function. Electric drying rack can be controlled by switches, and some can also be controlled remotely through the mobile app, which is more convenient than hand-operated drying rack. Besides, it also has the functions of air drying, lighting, anti-virus and drying.

Second, advantages. Compared with ordinary clothes racks, electric clothes racks can make your life more convenient and save you time doing housework. It has full functions, such as drying function to speed up drying clothes in rainy days and cloudy days, and ultraviolet rays to make clothes cleaner.

Third, disadvantages. First of all, the price is more expensive than ordinary drying racks, as a small appliance, It consumes more electricity than other traditional clothes rack. And the maintenance cost is high, it needs to be repaired by professionals. Electric clothes rocks on the market are also divided into DC motor and AC motor, and the noise of AC motor will be higher, so the price is slightly lower, the noise of DC motor is low, and it is not easy to break, but the price is higher.

If you have higher requirements for quality of life, like a little intelligent decoration, you can choose this electric drying rack, it will bring you more convenience; if your life is slow, feel that the electric drying rack is not practical, or you can choose the traditional drying rack. People still have to choose whether to buy electric drying racks according to their actual needs. Of course, a good horse with a good saddle, choose the preferred drying rack at the same time, but also need to match the quality of good clothes hangers, hangers for clothes drying is also very important. A good clothes hanger can avoid clothes deformation and bulging, and the smooth hanger surface will not scratch clothes, so that clothes can be better protected.

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