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Do you know about acrylic clothes hanger? Would you still want to buy it after reading this article?



With the rapid development of economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standard, more and more people begin to pursue the details of life. Young people, in particular, will choose something unique and can increase their happiness, for example, clothes hangers . Acrylic hanger is very hot. Let’s talk about the popular acrylic hangers today.

First, material. As the name implies, it is a hanger made of acrylic. Acrylic is a kind of thermoplastic, which is commonly referred to as plexiglass or PMMA. With the improvement and maturity of production technology, acrylic is widely used in many industries, such as car lights, optical lenses, instruments and meters, handicrafts and clothes hangers that we are going to talk about today.

Second, production technology. Acrylic begins to soften at 113and reaches the melting point at 160, at which time acrylic is easily deformed. The production process of acrylic is similar to that of other plastics, but the specific temperature and added catalyst will be different. There are three molding methods: casting, injection molding and extrusion.

Third, advantages. Acrylic has high transparency, which can reach more than 92% transmittance, it is easy dyeing and high strength. Clothes hangers made of acrylic are transparent and fashionable, as transparent as crystal, with a great sense of fashion. Because of its high strength, it is very wear-resistant, not easy to be damaged and scratched, and you don't need to worry about being scratched by zippers, buttons and small accessories when hanging and drying clothes. It is also convenient to maintain and easy to clean stains.

Last, disadvantages. Acrylic cost is high, so the price will be relatively higher. Poor heat resistance, can not contact with high-temperature objects for a long time. There are many counterfeit goods on the market, and some cheap "acrylic", that is, crystal plastic, it has low hardness, fades easily. Therefore, when choosing acrylic hangers, you need to look at the merchants and carefully identify them.

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