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Hangzhou Huaen Import & Export Co., Ltd. joined "China Digital Solution Project Library" from the World Digital Economy Forum



Information from World Digital Economy Forum 

Recently, Hangzhou Huaen Import & Export Co., Ltd. joined "China Digital Solution Project Library" from the World Digital Economy Forum . The project library is mainly recommended and published for more than 190 embassies, United Nations agencies in China and government departments all over the world, helping Chinese digital enterprises to expand the new blue ocean of international cooperation, improving the international reputation and brand influence of Chinese enterprises, providing Chinese digital solutions for the world, and letting the world share the fruits and opportunities of China's digital economy development.

After the establishment of the World Digital Economy Forum in May 2021, the secretariat initiated the establishment of the “World Digital Economy Forum-Project Library of China Digital Solutions” under the guidance of the strategic goal of "providing China's excellent digital solutions to the world" . The project library aims to create "China's digital solutions", let high-quality digital enterprises go straight to the world, set up an international model of "China's digital solutions" in one stop, spread the brand of "China's digital solutions" to the whole world through the World Digital Economy Forum, effectively export China's solutions, and contribute to the development of the world's digital economy.

Hangzhou Huaen Import & Export Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, formerly Hangzhou Huaen Wood Industry Co., Ltd., was established in 1996. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating brand operation, product design and research, import and export and manufacturing. Hangzhou Huaen Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a professional hanger manufacturer and exporter, adhering to the business philosophy of "Every detail beyond of your expectation" and the brand mission of "Let the world see Chinese craftsmen", and building a strong brand operation, design, development and marketing team with many brands and patents. Huaen is committed to becoming "the leader of China's hanger industry”, providing customers with SQDP that meets their needs, and becoming a reliable supplier distributed in more than 40 countries and more than 3,000 customers around the world.

In 2019, LEMONLEE, a custom-made brand owned by the company, was born out of love. Italian tailor Tony and Chinese carpenter Lee, becames the partners since 1996 Caton Fair, a cup of limoncello in Naples 20 years later is the foundation of LEMONLEE. It is precisely because of LEMONLEE's exploration and pursuit of hanger technology for more than 27 years, insisting on using hundred-year certified Germany wood and 24 handcrafted processes. LEMONLEE praised Nietzsche’s words “Live your life as a work of art", which gave LEMONLEE the spirit and courage to explore the future constantly, and praised people with the beauty of life.

Since 2019, Huaen has promoted its digital transformation from four modules: digital customer acquisition, digital marketing, digital service and digital management. It has carried out online customer acquisition and precise marketing through short videos and live broadcasts such as Alibaba, Google, Linkedin, Tik Tok, Baidu and video number, and is gradually improving its foreign trade digitalization and seting up brand overseas.

Based on the background that the national cultural and creative industries have begun to flourish, Huaen devoted itself to helping traditional enterprises upgrade with cultural and creative thinking, positioning with scene thinking, and making original designs with cross-border thinking in 2019, so that traditional culture can give deeper meaning to products, and quickly bypass the brand road with traditional consciousness. "Cross-border robbery" achieved overtaking at corners and became a high-end customized gift by cultural and creative enterprises, which was recognized and loved by more and more people.

Huaen, as a traditional enterprise, the process of brand building is also a classic business case that explains Shao shuaixin’s concept of original intentions, ingenuity, love, cultural significance and commercial significance.

Hoping that LEMONLEE will go to a broader world stage and show a different Chinese entrepreneurial spirit with the prosperity of China and the improvement of the global influence of the World Digital Economy Forum.

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