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Do you know about non-slip cloth hanger?



Cloth hanger is one of the essential household items in our life. With the progress of the times, people are not only satisfied with the basic clothes supporting function of clothes hanger, but also have extremely high requirements for the extension function of clothes hanger, such as whether the radian of clothes hanger is suitable for the shoulders of clothes, or clothes hanger has non-slip function or not. As a result, the types of hangers began to become various. We will talk about non-slip cloth hangers today.

Let's talk about materials first. In fact, the materials of non-slip hangers are also various. It can be said that no matter what material hangers are, they can make non-slip effects. The common clothes hanger materials in our life are wood, acrylic, plastic, etc. The materials of non-slip clothes hangers are also such.

The technology of non-slip hangers is also very diverse. There are common practices such as flocking, making grooves, sticking non-slip strips or covering non-slip sleeves.
The flocking hanger is made of ABS plastic and fluff. There are full-body flocking, and there are also ordinary hangers with flocking on their shoulders to achieve non-slip effect. The flocking non-slip hanger is fashionable, elegant and full of design, but it can't be used to hang and dry wet clothes. It can be used to display clothes in wardrobes or clothing stores.

Grooved non-slip hangers are designed with depressions at the shoulders at both ends of the hanger, such as T-shape, V-shape and U-shape, which can increase the friction and resistance between the hanger and clothes, and make it difficult to hang clothes. Not only that, but also it is convenient to dry clothes such as suspenders, vests, underwear, etc. It is very practical, common in plastic hangers, and suitable for drying wet clothes.

Non-slip hangers with non-slip strips or sleeves are generally used for solid wood or acrylic hangers. They are made of silica gel and installed on the shoulders of hangers to play an non-slip role. Usually, they can be taken down and put back according to their own needs, which is very convenient. This kind of clothes hanger is widely used in clothing stores.

There are also some brand stores that will add ropes to the design of hangers, which are not only non-slip, but also embody the charm of beauty, which is very special.
The function of non-skid cloth hanger is still very large, which can protect clothes from deformation while keeping them from slipping. You can buy suitable non-slip hangers according to your own needs, buy a good hanger, and give your clothes a perfect image.

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