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Which indoor clothes hanger do you choose?



Many people are very worried about the storage of clothes. They always feel that clothes are everywhere, but when they want to go out, they can't find their favorite clothes in a pile of clothes. In fact, the storage of clothes is nothing more than two methods, either stacked or hung. Whether the method can be used correctly will directly affect the storage efficiency of indoor wardrobes. Today, let's take a look at how to choose indoor clothes hangers.

Plastic hanger. Plastic clothes hanger is a very common kind of clothes hanger in families. The structure is generally stable, but the whole is slim. Hanging clothes for a long time will lead to bulging clothes, which is very unfriendly to clothes. Although the thickness is small, it can store a large number of clothes, but it will destroy the shape of clothes, so it is not recommended to store clothes. There are also plastic hangers with wide shoulders, but the texture is not as good as other hangers.

Wooden clothes hanger. Compared with other hangers, the price of solid wooden hangers is slightly higher, but its unique low-key and restrained temperament is full of tonality. The design is more in line with the shoulder shape of human body, which can protect clothes from damage. However, this type of clothes hanger is slightly larger. If the capacity of the wardrobe is small, you can buy some clothes to match with big clothes such as suits and coats. In addition, solid wooden hangers with poor quality are prone to mildew and cracking, but this kind of problem can be avoided by mature technology. If you prefer solid wood hangers, it is recommended to choose reputable brands for selection.

Acrylic hanger. Acrylic hangers are PMMA products supported by MMA in organic compounds, which can be processed into various products at a certain temperature. Acrylic hangers have many colors, high transparency, and good workmanship like crystals, which are very popular among young people. There are many styles of acrylic hangers. If you prefer modernization and fashion, you might as well try acrylic hangers. You can choose to buy different styles according to the size of wardrobe capacity.

Flocking hanger. Flocking hangers are made on hangers made of any material, with smooth surface, comfortable hand feeling, good softness, bending resistance and folding resistance, bright colors and overall lightness, which can satisfy users with small storage space. However, flocking hangers with poor quality will lose hair and dye, so they need to be carefully selected.

No matter which kind of indoor clothes hanger is made of, it should be selected in terms of usability and good-looking. Ease of use is to protect clothes, and good-looking is to conform to the user's aesthetics and match the interior decoration style. Choosing a high-quality clothes hanger can solve your long-term storage problem and protect your clothes from damage.

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